“That’s the point of it, Bryce. Of life. To live, to love, knowing that it might all vanish tomorrow. It makes everything that much more precious.” – Danika Fendyr

I never thought I would love anything from Sarah J rMaas as much as the Throne of Glass series, but it’s a close race with House of Earth and Blood (Crescent City)  

You can really see the growth in Sarah J Mass’ writing, and the character development throughout this book was sumptuous. I loved that the Crescent City Series are more adult (very adult!) than her previous novels. I honestly have not cried like this while reading a book since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and during the last quarter of this book I was in full tears. There was a moment where I had to put the book down and recollect myself before I continued on with the chapters- I was that emotional!

Bryce Quinlan is the main protagonist that we follow through House of Earth and Blood . She is half human -half Fae, which invites a lot of prejudice on both sides of these races. Bryce works as an assistant at Griffin Antiquities, which sells magical artifacts, along with other illegal magical items. She and her best friend Danika Fendyr, who is the leader of the notorious Pack of Devils, are labeled as Crescent City’s popular party girls. The synopsis at the back of the book describes that one of Bryce’s friends will be murdered by a demon- but even going in with this knowledge, it still did not prepare me for the heartbreaking chapter. It’s amazing that in just 100 pages, Sarah J Maas has you falling in love with these characters right before their demise, and you truly felt the anguish that Bryce went through from losing them.

Two years later and people are turning up dead again, exactly the same way the Pack of Devils were murdered. The Archangel, Micah, who is Governor of Crescent City, has enlisted Bryce as well as his personal assassin, Hunt Athalar, to solve these murders. She also asks for help from her estranged brother, Ruhn Danaan, to help with the murder cases.

At first it was hard to follow with all the details of the world building that was happening in the beginning of this book. There was an overwhelming amount of information and complexities to the history, but I quickly got immersed into the world of Crescent City and I could not put this book down (I literally slept with this book next to me yall! I wanted to start reading as soon as I woke up every day). In the world that Sarah J Maas has built, we see a hierarchy system where rank and power decides where you stand in society. Sounds familiar?  Though everything about this world is fictional, it mirrors some of the real- life battles of classism and racism through our very own society.

{Spoilers Ahead}

I usually don’t write reviews with spoilers, but there were just too many great moments in this book that I have to talk about!

Firstly, Danika’s death was absolutely heart-breaking! The build up towards the discovery of her body was so well written. I felt my heart beating fast and an anxious feeling rising up from my gut as I read through those pages of Bryce walking up those stairs, towards her apartment. You felt every moment when reading that chapter. After the tragedy of the Pack of Devils, I was so sure I would not entertain any other love interest for Bryce after Conner’s death, but then came alone the angel, assassin Hunt. I was in love with their relationship. However, being Familiar with Sarah J Maas’ writing and how she creates couples within her series, more than likely Hunt and Bryce are not end game. I will most likely be devastated by this and get upset by book 2 – but I will survive. I already went through the grief of seeing Celaena and Chaol end in the Throne of Glass series, so basically I’m not going to get too attached to Hunt Athalar.

The last few chapters of the book took me on one hell of an emotional ride! Lehabah’s death reminded me so much of Dobby’s sacrifice in Harry Potter and I cried so hard. This ending was a lot for just the first installment of a trilogy. There were so many curveballs and surprises. Honestly, Micah was the least expected person behind the murders. I thought of everyone aside from him, as a suspect. Also, the biggest surprise was finding out that Bryce was Starborn, like her brother!( What?!)

Let’s all appreciate the moment that Bryce killed Micah, vacuums up his ashes like he was nothing, then grabs some guns and Danika’s sword then heads out into the streets of Crescent City like a badass and destroys demons!

I loved this book so much and absolutely can’t wait for the second book. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did 😊.

Happy reading,



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