“It is always a choice. No matter your circumstance,class,race,or background, it always comes down to choice. Your choice to push for better or accept things as they are. It is your life so only you are responsible for what you can become.” – Daniel M. Francis



The Millennial Mind : Success Secrets For Unlocking Your Full Potential is a motivational book like no other, as described in the title it targets millennials and identifies what separates this generation from their predecessors . The struggles that millennials face are more common than we think and it’s so easy to become consumed by these perturbations. What the author has done, is create a step to step playbook on how to not only survive, but to thrive in every situation. So many of us have been going through our day to day lives on autopilot and the author shows us that its time to wake up. He highlights that there is more out there waiting for us- if we’re willing to work for it and structure our mindset for success.

I’m so happy to be reviewing a book by an author from Trinidad and Tobago. I read this book in one day, it was that good!As a millennial myself, it was relative to a lot of things I have experienced. The Millennial Mind by Daniel Francis is an essential read for anyone trying to find their footing in the working world, achieve their goals, or just figuring out life in general. The author uses his own personal life experiences throughout the book which makes you, as a reader, connect to the text in a more intimate way. The thing about inspirational books and why so many millennials in particular feel ambivalent towards them, is that most times they feel like they are just being lectured ,paragraph after paragraph, with cliché reasons as to why they should be progressing in life.This book was different, the author made it very personal and it felt more like a discussion between you and him . He made it very interactive, with exercises at the end of each chapter that helped along with your self- realization.There were moments while I  was reading that I kept shaking my head in agreement, shouting out “yesss, this is so me!” and I even had a few laughs in between. I went through my own version of a quarter -life crisis about three years ago and I wish I had this book around then to help me navigate through my anxiety and fear of the future.

No matter what stage you are in life, I would recommend this book .It’s a great way to start off your day and fill your thoughts with positive energy.  I will definitely be reading this again and I made sure to annotate by favourite parts!



You can read the first two chapters for free by clicking on the following link: https://rebityouth.com/the-book/

Go check out The Millennial Mind now!


Toni 🙂

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