“A gift. A gift from a queen who had seen another woman in hell and thought to reach back a hand. With no thought of it ever being returned. A moment of kindness, a tug on a thread.”


So I’m late doing this review, as I read this last year , but I felt like I still needed to make this post. Tower of Dawn is really sentimental to me because I read it during my last month of pregnancy, as I counted down the days for my baby girl to arrive. So my love for this book could either be due to the crazy hormones that made me very dramatic during those last couple of weeks or simply because it was a great book!

At first I honestly did not want to read this, mainly because it was focused on Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq – and what I conjectured about these two characters made them my least two favourites in the Throne of Glass series. Based on the previous book, I felt like Nesryn had the personality of a rock and Chaol was just as tedious and also self righteous. I could not fathom why the author wanted to write a separate book just for them,or how she was going to make this story arc worthwhile . I initially planned on skipping out on this and just reading the recap online before I got into the last book, but I happened to come across Tower of Dawn  in a bookstore and I begrudgingly decided to give it a try. I realized that I already read the other six books and at this point I was now in a committed relationship with this series.

Tower of Dawn takes place simultaneously as the events happening in Empire of Storms. Chaol and Nesryn travel to Antica to form an alliance with the Khagan, while Chaol also hopes that he can heal his wounds at the famous Torre Cesme. Yrene is the healer assigned to Chaol (she made this book for me, I adored her!) and she is ambivalent towards helping him as her childhood horrors were set in motion by Adalarn Soldiers, however she has taken an oath to save lives.

After completing this book , I will tell you that you MUST read this before you read  Kingdom of Ash to really appreciate the entirety of this series before going into that last book.It brought so many things together; I will admit, there were a few boring chapters that made me want to skip ahead, but I mustered on with strength until I got to the resplendent parts. There was a big revelation at the end where I had to re- read, just to make sure I actually read what I did !

**Spoilers Ahead**

 I loved reading about Antica , the new environment was a refreshing element brought into the series. Going through this journey through Chaol’s POV, we finally got an insight into his true feelings towards Aelin and the events that took place since book one. This was the closure that we all needed after the instantaneous and unpleasant end of their relationship. My only frustration was that after we read over 600-plus pages of Chaol’s progress to healing his legs, it was all for nothing because he got wounded again during the battle with the Valg ( why?!).So now he has some sort of life bond with Yrene in order to walk again when she’s at full strength- and if one dies,so does the other . I suppose we will see how this all plays out in the following book. 

I must say, I now have a better appreciation and understanding for both of these characters and it makes it so much harder to go on to reading Kingdom of Ash , because I refuse to accept that this series is over. It’s hard to say goodbye to characters that I love so much, but I’m really happy I decided to read this book .

Hope you enjoyed Tower of Dawn


Toni 🙂

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