I came across the Summoner Series by Taran Matharu  while I was at Comic Con last year. The Novice is the first installment of the series and while the concept of orcs, elves and dwarves ( battle of the races) are far from new  and inventive, I still loved this book. It’s by no means like a Tolkien masterpiece but still very much worth the read and a wonderful book adventure. I would best describe it as, if Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings had a book baby it would be The Novice. I’m really excited to continue the series to see where the storyline is headed. Though it had mixed reviews , I really appreciated the author’s writing style. This was originally a story that was posted on wattpad that got published due to the high amount of views.

The story centers around Fletcher, who is an apprentice. Fletcher was an abandoned orphan who was taken in by the village blacksmith. One night Fletcher discovers that he has the ability to summon demons. After getting himself in a bit of trouble at his village, Fletcher goes on the run to escape punishment for his crime. While on the run his ability as a summoner is discovered and he is taken to Vocans Adept Military Academy. At the academy he begins his training to become a battlemage to fight in the war against the Orcs.  There he is caught between the power struggle between the nobles and the commoners who train side by side at Vocans.

During training at the Academy , Fletcher develops a close friendship with an elf, Sylvia and  a dwarf ,Othello.  I really look forward to see where this trio ends up in the upcoming stories. Its so refreshing to read about their adventure and it reminds me of why I love this genre.

I would say yes to adding The Novice to your fantasy book list  and soon I will give a review for part two of the Summoner series, The Inquisition.



Toni 🙂


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