I love a good fantasy book with a strong female lead and this one had not only one but two!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard was definitely an enjoyable read. It was fast paced and exceeded my expectations. I wont say its up there with some of my favourites, but it has me interested enough to continue the series.The only (minor) issue with this book was that I was confused a lot in the beginning, but despite this I still enjoyed the magical world of the Witchlands that Susan Dennard created in Truthwitch. I would recommend this to all my fantasy book lovers out there.

The story follows two girls, Safi and Isuelt. They share an incredible bond as threadsisters (it was really refreshing to read a book where friendship was the main driving force and not just your typical  romance) . They are seeking freedom  from their lives and the upcoming war, however destiny has some other plans for them. They get themselves into deep trouble which acts as a catalyst for the ensuing events that occur. With a Prince as a new ally to help them along the way, they now have to fight against emperors , a Bloodwitch and many more.

Safi has a rare ability by being a Trurthwitch. She has to keep this identity a secret as empires are on the brink of war and they would love nothing more than to use her for her gifts for their own personal gain. She’s very impulsive and her power tends to weaken when she is not around her threadsister, Isuelt. I had a love/hate relationship with Safi while reading her POV. Some chapters I loved her, while others I just could not help but be annoyed by some of her choices. Towards the end though I appreciated her character more (so maybe there is some hope?).

Isuelt is the more logical one of the two threadsisters. She is deemed an outcast due to her race, Nomatsis. This is one of the reasons why her bond with Safi is so important to her as Safi accepts her as is and even defends her from others that try to discriminate against her. Isuelt’s POV was actually one of my favourites to read. I really enjoyed her character and I’m looking forward to seeing her storyline develop in the later books to come. A lot of her powers hasnt been developed yet so I’m excited to see how that unfolds.

Prince Merik is the admiral to the navy of Nubrevna, hes head strong and is very passionate about his homeland.Without giving away too many spoilers lets just say that he crosses paths with the threadsisters and they become binded together throughout this adventure.

The Bloodwitch, Auden, is possibly my favourite character in this book. His powers allows him to control a person’s blood , he can also lock onto the scent of one’s blood and track them down for hundreds of miles. Bloodwitches are ruthless and unforgiving, this is why they are feared by most, if not everyone.  Auden’s character is very complex and hard to figure out, which I love! I really hope that we get more of his backstory in the future books because I really loved his POV chapters.

The next installment of the Witchland series is the Windwitch. As soon as I get my hands on part two I will have another review for you guys. Thanks again for reading!



Toni 🙂






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