I just recently read Empire of storms (finally) and of course I expected nothing less from the talented author,Sarah J. Maas. You can feel the tension and build up for the final installment of the series which follows Empire of Storms. I love how we see everyone’s story come together and I’ve grown to appreciate each character  whereas with the previous books I would usually want to skip some of the character’s POV at times as I found some were a bit lackluster compared to the others. However, with this installment every chapter, every character’s POV, every sentence caught your attention and left you wanting more.

So we pick up right where we left off in Queen of Shadows with Aelin Galathynius on her way home to Terrasen, but it wasn’t the homecoming greeting she had expected. In fact she now has to prove that she can lead her people and become the Queen they have long awaited for, to save them all from the approaching darkness that Erawan is planning to bring upon the kingdom. The character development of Aelin Galathynius from book one to now is astounding. I really felt like I’ve grown with this girl, like I’ve felt her struggles through each book and I’ve seen the strength she’s shown time and time again as the series progress ( yea Sarah J. Maas does that to you).

As I mentioned before, I fell in love with each character in this book and I’ve become so attached to all my little heroes that throughout the novel I kept thinking, “ Sarah J. Maas please don’t go all Game of Thrones on me and kill any of my favourite characters because my heart can’t take it!’’

I also  enjoyed reading a lot more of Elide’s POV this time around whereas previously I thought her storyline was a bit slow and unnecessary, but in Empire of Storms she really grew on me. Mannon Blackbeak is another winner as well with this installment.I cant say that we see a softer side of Mannon because she is anything but soft, but we do see a more relatable and likable version of her character. I must say though I find Dorian Havilliard is the most underrated character and  the least involved as the series progresses, which is unfortunate because he does possess a vast amount of power and I would really like to see that unfold .

Of course, I can’t write this review without mentioning Rowan Whitethorn ( because he’s the best obviously). Without giving away any spoilers let’s just say there’s a surprise in this book involving Rowan and Aelin that left us with a cliffhanger that has me dying for the next book ( we need answers now!).  We do get to see him fight alongside his cadre once again and the dynamic between him,Fenrys and Gavriel is quite entertaining.

There are few series that can keep me interested past a fourth book, but  this series continues to give you little surprises just when you think you’ve figured it all out and that is the reason why you just cant put these books down.The next book release before the final installment, Tower of Dawn, is set for release in September. I will admit I’m a bit skeptical about it because it features the character Chaol Westfall and I’m not sure if I would be interested enough in an entire book about Chaol. However the final book is set to be released in 2018 and the writer has noted how important it is to read this novel before book six. So in September we shall see how it turns out and I will make sure to review that as well.

Thanks again for reading 🙂




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